Building developments

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Building developments

This page is an attempt to keep track of developments in connection with the building of new property around the canal. Information is gathered from reputable public websites, but without further checks on its accuracy. Some arrangements have been changing quickly (for instance around the Leamington Wharf site).

This page has not been updated for a considerable time and information will be out of date

'Freer Street'


(UPDATE: See Scotsman Report 3 Feb09 about Buredi Fountainbridge going bust.)

At September 2nd 2008 a board at this site (where the brewery has been cleared) gives details for Buredi which is described on their website as "a Burrell Company and Edi Group venture."

A news item on the Buredi website, dated in May 2008, states
"Edinburgh based, Allan Murray Architects, who has successfully transformed many of the capital's buildings and facades, is celebrating 15 years of award-winning architectural design this year."
"In 2008, the leading architectural firm will continue the ongoing plans to create a new residential and commercial hub in the city with the formation of BUREDI's latest development, Freer St, Fountainbridge, on the former brewery site by the Union Canal."

Allan Murray Architects have a page on this development.

Planning information on this site is available (permission for a development has already been granted). As of August 2008, further communication about changes from the original planning application have taken place (and are on this site).

Lochrin Place


Planning permission has been granted for the development of land on the original Lochrin Basin site (Lochrin Place).

Mactaggart and Mickel are calling this development St. Marks Quay.

Leamington Wharf


As at 10 March 2009 Southglen information on the internet again seems to be up to date in relation to these properties and a banner has appeared reading 'for sale' with information linking to DTZ as agents.
Ogilvie have been involved with the construction of the properties (based on a banner displayed there temporarily late in 2008 - but no information seemed to be on the website). Ogilvie banner was removed by September 2nd 2008.
At 26 June 2008 and following a distinct pause in construction Southglen information on the internet about the properties at 'Leamington Wharf' seemed to be completely out of date, DTZ seemed no longer to be dealing with this, and email to 'moc.frahwnotgnimael|ofni#moc.frahwnotgnimael|ofni' was returned.)


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