Potency in Marijuana Sky High

27 Jan 2016 00:39

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In this business, producing the best possible product is the key to everything else. It’s the foundation of the business and is also the body of it, so growing anything less than acceptable will keep you from being able to make living.

I’m talking about marijuana and if the best possible product means the most potent product, then marijuana potency marijuana potencymeans everything. In the 60s and 70s, marijuana was mainly smoked by hippies and Vietnam War vets, but its effects were highly exaggerated and in a lot of cases, they were downright untrue.

Like anything in life that is unfairly vilified by the government or a society, many of the reasons used as an argument against it are based on untrue or non-factual information. It’s important to always consider the source when taking an opinion or any information into consideration, often people have their own agendas and are presenting the information in a biased sort of way.

Its tough getting good, objective advice, opinions and information, so how do you really know if what you’re being told or reading is actually true? Well, you may think it’s safe to assume that medical reports posted in medical journals are a fail-safe way to ensure you’re getting the right information and in most cases, you’re probably right. However, there have been many instances where one report was in direct contradiction to another about the same, exact subject matter.

So, when researching or experimenting with something like marijuana, you want to be as open-minded and educated about the matter as you can possibly be.

It’s important to understand cannabis potency and what to expect if you or someone you know is personally thinking about experiencing it. Some of the basics with marijuana, as it pertains to the way that people use it recreationally and medicinally, are smoking, drinking it or ingesting it.

You’re probably familiar with the way that people traditionally smoke it, they often roll it using papers and call it a “joint”, they also like to smoke it using a glass pipe or something similar called a “bong”, where the smoke is filtered through water before being inhaled. Tinctures can be made by extracting the active ingredient in marijuana called THC, then it can be added in liquid form to beverages.

Butane extraction and other methods form a concentration of THC in varied consistencies commonly referred to as “hash”. “Edibles” can be made using marijuana butter or oil, in most cases, where it is used as a baking component like in any other recipe that requires butter or oil.

It’s important to understand that marijuana, in any of its forms, can produce psychological and physical impairments that can be temporarily, quite debilitating. Now, it’s impossible to die or overdose on marijuana, but THC testing is available to determine the exact amount of THC in any of its forms, whether it be edibles, flower, hash or a pill. Be smart, be safe, but most of all, be open-minded because you’ll never know what you never find.

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