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Details about this website

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This is a community website written by people interested in the Union Canal in Edinburgh.

It's designed to be a central point for the community, listing what's on, news, wildlife observations, and so on.

Anyone can edit the content of this site, much like with the well known 'Wikipedia'.

Please help by adding content or correcting any errors you see. You may like to consider joining first so your edits are associated with a user name, but this is not required.

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A note on accuracy

Because of the way in which this website is run information you read on it may sometimes be inaccurate - although we hope that people who get involved with it will want to make sure that it isn't. If you see inaccurate information please correct it, delete it, or write a note about the problem on the page concerned. If you see vandalism to the site please help by changing the page back to its previous version (advertisers, please note that your changes cause us only minor inconvenience and your edits will probably be removed immediately).

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